What is your pricing on 5-yard, 10-yard, and 15-yard dumpsters?

15 Yard Dumpsters $425
10 Yard Dumpsters $405
5 Yard Dumpsters $395

What are the dumpster dimensions?

15 Yard dumpsters are 12-14ft Long x 5-6ft Tall x 8ft Wide
10 Yard dumpsters are 12ft Long x 4ft tall x 8ft Wide
5 Yard dumpsters are 12ft Long x 2ft tall x 8 ft Wide

How Long is the dumpster rental?

All of our pricing includes a 7-day Rental.

Can I extend the rental for longer than 7 days?

Absolutely! Extending your rental is $50 per additional day or $150 for an additional week.

How many tons are Included in the rental?

Included in the listed price are 2 TONS of debris or 4,000 lbs.

What if I go over the 2-TON limit?

After exceeding 2 TONS, it is $75 PER additional ton. Max limit 5 TONS.

What can be thrown in the dumpsters?

Household items, construction debris, landscaping materials, and much more.

What cannot be thrown in the dumpsters?

No paints, liquids, rims, tires, batteries, appliances, asbestos, medical waste, animal carcasses, fluorescent tubes, and gas cans.

Do you have dumpsters that will fit in the driveway?

Yes, all of our dumpsters fit in most driveways.

Will the dumpster damage my driveway?

No not at all. We place special plates under the wheels and the front of the dumpster to prevent any damage.

Can you deliver same day and pick it up on the same day?

We deliver and pick up same day very frequently! There is also no additional charge for same-day pickup!

What are your service areas?

We are based out of Glendale Arizona, but we also service all surrounding cities within 25 miles.

Do you have dumpsters for concrete, rock, or dirt?

Yes, we offer 5-yard dumpsters for these items that hold 5 TONS.

Can you set the dumpster in my rock or gravel?

Yes, we can set the dumpster on any surface as long as it is a level surface.

Do you have an emergency dumpster rental service?

We are available 24-7 in the event you need a dumpster delivered for an emergency.